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Download MP3 Top 10 Foods To Increase Hemoglobin Levels Fast Naturally

Top 10 Foods To Increase Hemoglobin Levels Fast Naturally

Download MP3 Top 10 Foods To Increase Hemoglobin Levels Fast Naturally Mp3 / Video dengan durasi 02:26 ukuran file 2.43 MB oleh Indus Womenchannel audio stereo bitrate 192Kbps dan 320Kbps di situs ini bisa anda dapatkan secara gratis, Tapi jangan lupa Bahwa semua lagu yang ada di situs ini semata mata hanyalah bertujuan untuk untuk review serta mempromosikan lagu Top 10 Foods To Increase Hemoglobin Levels Fast Naturally, Untuk Mendapatkan Kualitas terbaik Lagu Ini Silahkan Membeli kaset / Vcd Original di Toko Toko Terdekat Di Kota Anda serta Menadikan Lagu dengan judul Top 10 Foods To Increase Hemoglobin Levels Fast Naturally sebagi I-Ring / Ringtones / Nada Sambung Pribadi Di Ponsel Anda Sebagai Bentuk Penghargaan kita kepada Artis Yang bersangkutan.

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Title:Top 10 Foods To Increase Hemoglobin Levels Fast Naturally
Size:2.43 MB
Author:Indus Womenchannel

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Home Remedies For Anemia

Home Remedies for Anemia

Anemia is a condition, in which there is a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin or drop in the number of red blood cells (RBC) in the blood. This is due to iron deficiency that is necessary to produce the hemoglobin. Anemia is also called iron deficiency anemia or hypochromic or microcytic anemia and it is more in pregnant women, women with more bleeding during periods, and growing children. Iron supplements work well in this condition, but may cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea in some people. The below home remedies will help to increase hemoglobin levels naturally. People suffering with acute anemia look pale and feel very tired.

Causes of Anemia
Due to deficiency in iron content
Bleeding (called hemorrhage)
Inability to produce required red blood cells
Pregnancy and lactation
Hemolytic (destruction of red blood cells)
Hookworm infestation
Peptic ulcer disease
Home Remedies for Anemia
Green leafy vegetables such as palak (spinach) malabar spinach, coriander (dhania), fenugreek (methi) have a rich content of folic acid and iron that is important for the body especially when pregnant. People who are suffering from anemia should use the above leafy vegetables in soups, rotis, and curries.

Consume 1 cup of beetroot juice mixed with 1 cup of apple juice taken either with honey or sugar once in a day.

Eat bananas that are ripe with 1 tbsp of honey twice a day.

Soak about ten currants in the night and deseed them in the morning and take them for about 3 to 4 weeks to be taken first thing in the morning.

Drink a mixture of tomato and apple juice.

Honey has a rich source of iron, copper and manganese. Take honey in any form as this is good for anemia and helps in increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood

Take pomegranate in the form of seeds or juice. Pomegranate is rich in iron, minerals, and vitamin C.

Dates have a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C and iron. This can be an excellent home remedy for anemia. Dates can be taken either fresh or in the form of recipes such as plum cakes and sweets.

Jaggery is very rich in iron content and a daily consumption of jaggery helps increase your hemoglobin levels. Add little jaggery in your tea, coffee, or in your breakfast cereals. Jaggery can also be added to sambar, dal, and rasam . This can also be used as a substitute of the sugar in preparing sweets.

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