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Download MP3 Knife Defense Social Experiment

Knife Defense Social Experiment

Download MP3 Knife Defense Social Experiment Mp3 / Video dengan durasi 06:45 ukuran file 6.75 MB oleh Nick Drossos audio stereo bitrate 192Kbps dan 320Kbps di situs ini bisa anda dapatkan secara gratis, Tapi jangan lupa Bahwa semua lagu yang ada di situs ini semata mata hanyalah bertujuan untuk untuk review serta mempromosikan lagu Knife Defense Social Experiment, Untuk Mendapatkan Kualitas terbaik Lagu Ini Silahkan Membeli kaset / Vcd Original di Toko Toko Terdekat Di Kota Anda serta Menadikan Lagu dengan judul Knife Defense Social Experiment sebagi I-Ring / Ringtones / Nada Sambung Pribadi Di Ponsel Anda Sebagai Bentuk Penghargaan kita kepada Artis Yang bersangkutan.

LIHAT JUGA => 4 Guys Trying to Take Me Down (1 on 1)


Title:Knife Defense Social Experiment
Size:6.75 MB
Author:Nick Drossos

LIHAT JUGA => "Can you Defend Yourself?" [Social Experiment]


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This video is part one of a social experiment we are conducting. The purpose of this experiment is to test people's ability to defend themselves against a knife. Subscribe to my channel : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UChnr4aWjYlhvPwWLF0ITQhA.

We want to see how people react defensively to a knife attack. Along the way, we will be giving you some tips on how to enhance your survival against a knife attack. You will learn how to trap, strike, counter attack and escape from such a dangerous situation.

Yanni was the first person to volunteer in our social experiment. He wanted to see how he could use self defense to help him out in a knife attack. Taking into account the first scenario of this video, we see that Yanni's opponent has mounted him. How can you incapacitate someone if he has mounted you?

A simple way would be to trap the knife he's holding in his hand on the ground, and to perform a buck and roll. By doing so, your opponent loses his balance, and this gives you the chance to bring him down, and to take advantage of the situation. Afterwards, you can continue by attacking him yourself.

One possibility, as we see in the video, is by head butting your opponent or even palm striking his face. You can go as far as eye-gouging him. Do whatever it takes to survive. You could even add more pressure on your attack by putting more of your body weight on him, for example, by putting more pressure on the place where you've incapacitated him.

Yanni asked an excellent question afterwards: What if my opponent and I are standing up? What do you do in this case scenario? You think strategically.

If he starts advancing towards you, your arms should come up to protect your centerline. You must maintain a passive and natural stance when holding your arms up, so you won't agitate your opponent even more. The element of surprise can truly come to be an advantage for you when defending yourself in this scenario. When he tries to strike at you with a knife, you can use your legs to strike him low while covering your upper body with your arms. Follow up with high strikes (such as palm strikes) and focus on trapping the knife at the same time.

If he continues trying to stab you, you have to be smart about what your next move will be. In the end, it's all a matter of how fast you can go, since speed is really important, and how willing you are to survive when you're being attacked.

Remember that finishing the threat and escaping from this predicament should be the only thing of importance.
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Your comments are always appreciated.
Stay Safe & Stand Strong,
Nick Drossos

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